How to Help



No client will be denied access to Freedom Horse or Horse and Soul Ranch due to financial reasons. This program operates through donations and volunteers, so your assistance to aid these clients on their journey is greatly appreciated.

Together we can make a difference in these lives. No matter how big or small your contribution may be, you can rest assured it will make a huge difference in the life of a survivor.

Individuals may assist the program by making a one time or recurring financial contribution to help with the care of the horses, insurance, or up keep of equipment.

What it cost for one horse for one year average.

Hay ½ bale per day at $3.50 per bale $638.75

Vaccines $120.00

Wormer 3 times a year at $7.00 per worming $21.00

Trims at $15.00 per trim 4 x per year $60.00

Total $ 839.75

This does not include treats, grain, salt block, electricity for electric fence and water heaters.  Labor to feed, groom, train, pick up manure and cleaning.  Repairs to fencing. Emergency care from the Vet.  Other medications that may be needed.

How to help and what your donation can be used for:
1. You may sponsor a rider/client for $25.00 per week.
2. You may sponsor a horse that is used for sessions for $150.00 per month to help with care and expense for the horse.
3. You may make an annual donation which will go toward the cost of insurance and expenses that the ranch incurs during session and transportation for the clients.
4. You can also make a one-time donation. All DONATIONS stay at Horse and Soul Ranch.

If you would like to donate to the future of Horse and Soul Ranch, or sponsor (adopt) a horse or rider, please use the secure PayPal Donation button on the right or visit the contact page.


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