Healing Broken Children Horse and Soul Ranch’s New Program.

Vision Statement:

Horse and Soul Ranch exists to provide a safe and positive environment in which we offer riding opportunities to individuals 6+ years old who are emotionally vulnerable, are lonely, hurting or need a friend, or have been abused physically or emotionally.

The riders’ responsibilities are:
◾To want to come
◾To respect the horses, Ranch and volunteers
◾To want to learn about horses and how to ride
◾To give back to the horse what the horse is giving to them: LOVE
The Main Purpose is:

The 90 minute Sessions is to provide a safe place for children and horses to experience hope, healing and encouragement.

This is accomplished by inviting children to come just as they are. Horse and Soul Ranch works hard to pair kids with an activity or horse that will encourage them forward toward hope and personal growth.

All activities are chosen at the discretion of each child. Some of these session activities include working with/riding horses, crafts, games, and some light chores.
Clothing Recommendations

◾Shoes/boots with closed toes and closed heels are required. Shoes/boots with little or no tread and a heel are recommended.
◾Long jeans are recommended for riding.
◾Nothing is permitted to be hanging down around the neck or tied around the waist while riding.
◾We recommend that individuals bring their own water bottle and sunscreen (when needed).


We do ask for a donation of $25 per session, but by the grace of God, we do not turn down anyone for financial reasons. This is were donations to the Ranch help to keep costs low and the Ranch running.


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