Testimonial of Horse and Soul Ranch’s first client.

Horse and Soul Ranch's First Client

Horse and Soul Ranch’s First Client

“My experience with Horse and Soul Ranch is an unforgettable experience.  When I first go there, I was welcomed with friendly smiles and warm welcomes and made me feel a little less nervous.  I was just nervous since I haven’t really told about what happened to me in the past.  Loreen doesn’t care what happened to you in the past, she wants you to have an amazing opportunity to work with horses that love you so much.

The horse always care.  Some people think they are just an animal, but they are smarter than a lot of humans, and I learned that at Horse and Soul Ranch.  Horses can sense how you feel by just letting them get a feel for you.  I really connected with Abby the past 8 times I attended horse and soul ranch.

This experience will be the best I have every experienced.  After my incident with getting sexually assaulted, this place gave me another chance.  One place that never judged me on what happened in the past.  This is my happy place.  I feel very close with Loreen and Abby.  Loreen has the biggest heart in the world and without the Horse and Soul Experience; I would have never grown or learned from this amazing experience.

What I love the most about this experience is that I felt cared about by the horses and Loreen.  Loreen is a good listener and is always seems like she understands.  I feel safe and secure around her and Abby seems like she listens also.

I love what I learned here. I learned the basic leadership, groundwork, and the best part, riding.  When I ride Abby unhooked, I feel free.  It is the best feeling in the world.  I feel free, but yet the feeling where life is good.

I really love the way Mike and Loreen smile at me when I accomplish something; it makes me feel like I am doing something right!  Mike taught me awesome ground works with Flash and taught me control.  Never back up and keep it going.

I hope to continue this program next year if it is possible.  This summer, I was in no sports or I didn’t ever hangout with people.  Every Saturday, I looked forward to Horse and Soul Ranch.  I got no idea where I would be right now without Horse and Soul Ranch Program.  It taught me many valuable lessons, not just in horse stuff, but in life in general.

I loved this experience with Horse and Soul Ranch.  It was unforgettable!”

Taylor Becker

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